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About Us

Bald Eagle Gold Corp. is a junior mining company focused on the exploration and development of advanced exploration assets in known precious metals districts in the Americas. The Company will acquire brownfield exploration projects for advanced exploration and development. Through evaluating historical data and utilizing modern exploration techniques and geological concepts the Company will enhance resources. The management team and board of directors of the Company have an established track record of creating significant returns for investors and demonstrated access to capital to advance the development of assets.

The Company’s primary asset is the Hercules Silver Property in Idaho.

About the Hercules Silver Property

The Hercules Silver Property is approximately 1490 acres (603 hectares) of mineral claims and accessible private lots, between 3,000 (914 metres) and 5500 feet (1,676 metres) above sea level on the north western shoulder of Cuddy Mountain, 120 miles (193 kilometres) northwest of Boise, Idaho and 20 miles (32 kilometres) northwest of Cambridge, Idaho.

Cuddy Mountain is an uplifted and tilted fault block of accreted terrane about 12 miles (19 kilometres) across. It is surrounded on all sides by rocks of the Columbia River Basalt Group. Flat lying erosional remnants of the basalt cover half the mountain top, six to seven thousand feet above sea level. The core of the mountain is a Triassic Jurassic sequence of volcanics, volcaniclastics and marine sediments. These older rocks are best exposed on the northwest and western flanks of the mountain. They are separated from the much younger Miocene Columbia River Group by prominent regional faults. The Cuddy Mountain Fault is mapped for 20 miles (32 kilometres) along the southwest and south flanks of the mountain. The northwest flank is defined by the older, east verging Connors Creek fault. A Jurassic, ash flow rhyolite unit, 300 to 400 feet (91 to 121 metres) thick, the Hercules rhyolite, is the host for the silver occurrences in the region. It has been the focus of silver exploration since the 1880s.